Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Was

The title here may conjure up some peculiar images for you. I’ll let those pass. All I’m trying to say is we regularly put our money into some of the strangest places. I’m thinking such things as $1500/ticket concerts….$1000 sky boxes…super-PACs funneling secret funds to buy political elections…not to mention conspicious-consumption baubles like the latest smartphones and sports cars.

These are among the standard complaints of the 99% who see the 1% as an embarrassing study in the everyday glut of modern gluttony. Righteous indignation or simply self-righteous envy…? Your choice!

However, here’s one report that has to raise the eyebrows of both the 1 and the 99. It’s about how we use our discretionary income. While Americans persist in spending more on gambling, cruises and entertainment than on new schools, hospitals and senior housing, our newest fetish is pouring money into our pets.

Their feeding-and-caring is perfectly understandable. But consider these new stats:

* Americans are expected to spend $370 million on Halloween costumes for their pets this year. $70 million more than last, with at least 15% of the population buying

* Owners so indulge their pets that now America’s pet population are even more prone to obesity than their keepers. At least 60% of domestic dogs & cats are deemed overweight

* The nation’s first animal obesity center has just opened in Massachusetts. The Tuffs Obesity Clinic currently charges owners $250 for “medical help and visits with your pet nutritionist”

What Recession….?

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