On A Scale From Here To Eternity, Who Are Our Greatest Prima Donna's?

I’m no one to judge…but you are!

In your daily news cycle — television, blogs, supermarket magazines — has your funny-bone itched enough lately to have picked a winner? The winner to the greatest prima-donna-in-the-world contest? True, no one has officially posted this contest, but you gotta admit it’s out there. Just begging someone to be crowned.

At my age this isn’t my world anymore. It’s yours, you of the twenty/thirty/fortysomething age. Still, even from the sidelines here, I can offer a few choices:

* Paris Hilton ~ she definitely looks like a finalist
* The Kardashian’s ~ they may have passed her up recently
* NFL quarterbacks ~ lately they sure as hell love the limelight more than they earn it
* Talking-head pundits ~ they tend to act as if they, not the voter, is electing the next president
* Talk-show hosts ~ their self-importance recently knows no bounds
* Reality-show producers ~ if what they’re selling is ‘reality,’ then I’m even older than I thought

But like I say — this is your world, I only live in it — so who are your choices….?

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