Kidnapping America

Kidnappers always vet their victims first. Study where they hurt the most, because that’s where they’re the most vulnerable. If you spend enough time in barbershops, beauty salons, and neighborhood sports bars, you’ll I.D. that spot as today’s feeling nobody’s-in-charge…

From candidates who lie, ads that attack, heroes who fall, gangs which prevail, foreign wars that never end, jobs that never come, income that never rises, and political math that doesn’t add up — from all this comes America’s sigh: “Nobody’s really in charge anymore.”

Check those history textbooks around the house you never finished reading. It’s true: “Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.!” Among the most tragic examples the sudden appearance of the man-on-the-white-horse. Some someone who appears in the midst of the crushing chaos and says: “I have the answers. Follow me.”

History has churned out hundreds of these riders. From Alexander to Caesar…Charlemagne to Napoleon … Popes to peasant saints…Patrick Henry to Andrew Jackson…Hughie [Kingfish] Long to Father Coughlin in the Thirties…Douglas MacArthur to Joe McCarthy in the Fifties…and highly-funded myth-makers on screens to this very day.

When the victim is scared and angry, the victim is most vulnerable. Susceptible to the sure and steady warrior. Who am I talking about…? Read the textbooks again and figure it out…!

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