Karma And You. It's Really All True!

I stand before you as Karma Character-Witness # 345,678,077 for the year 2012….!

Recently I saw a little storefront production of the classic play OUR TOWN…in the director’s notes was this comment: “I dedicate these performances to a man I never met. When he suffered prostate cancer 20 years ago he alerted my Dad to its symptoms. The man learned them too late. But thanks to him, my Dad learned them in time. As this play proclaims: Life is a gift worth protecting.”

Turns out the man he was referring to was me.

He didn’t know it, but I hadn’t died. Here and now the circle of Karma was closed as I introduced myself. Long ago and faraway I had reached out from my hospital bed with a warning…thankfully his Dad took it just in time…we both survived this ugly disease…now a generation later my warning seemed to be still working its Karma…fas each person that night may have picked up some of the ripples it sent out so lone ago

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