It's Not Even Christmas, Yet The March Of The Toy Soldiers Goes On

The toy soldiers I have in mind are the thousand-and-one “experts” who parade across our lives every day, telling us what we should think and why. These tin-warriors march in every field. There are movie & theater critics…fashion designers…restaurant guides…sports analysts…and, oh my, dozens of talking- head news commentators. Consider the army of news junkies immediately following the Presidential Debate, pompously advising us on who won, how, and why.

Maybe I’ve just been around too long, but I’ve seen these guys expertizing during the last 13 elections. I have to tell you — I’m up to my eyeballs in self-gratifying expertize. Enough is quite enough, thank you!

Look, these folks have a right to their opinions — be it about candidates or NFL teams — but good lord, who assigned them the title of political expert…? Many simply worked their way up the ranks in the news department, some from inconsequential assignments like street reporter or obituary writer. But once crowned a talking-head, somehow they start know more and more about less and less.

Most of us require some professional expertize when it comes to, say, prescription drugs, type of furnaces or getting to Mars. However, do we really require X’s opinion about how our opinion should come out of today’s news cycle looking exactly like their opinion?

No offense, but it seems to me we don’t need anyone to instruct us how to feel about the latest Spielberg movie, fashion jeans, sports car, or even presidential debate. Feelings are intensely PERSONAL emotions; otherwise they become PROMPTED emotions. In that way, my feelings are not longer my feelings.

Well, that’s just how I feel….

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