I'm Told There Are Absolutely No Absolutes Left In Our Easy-Does-It Age

There once was a time — actually many times — when absolutes ruled the day. Those absolutely-true-beliefs in certain universally accepted values. The government is right….the Bible is correct…the teacher has the answers…composers like Bach, Mozart, and Gershwin are the ultimate…oh, and the New York Yankees are absolutely the best team in baseball.

Depending in which of these previous times you grew up, you took such absolutes for granted. When you think about it, it was kinda handy to have everyone see, speak and share the same values. It’s called the majority, and woe the dissident who doesn’t belong to it.

Flash-forward from then to now!

In these days of more highly educated twenty & thirty somethings, the dissident is more often the hero, while the majority is frequently dismissed as the herd. In an easy-does-it age like this, people are no longer as interested in defending and/or dying for “absolute truths,” because, well, most of us are no longer sure about being sure about anything. You go your way, I go mine, at he end of the day we’ll end up in the same place anyway.

This attitude goes by different names. Moral relativism…situational ethics….or just plain ol’ live-and-let-live. However, chances are if you don’t stand for something, you’re likely to fall for anything. Not to worry, though, because there really are some absolutes left. I find at least three everywhere: Commercials… smartphones…and hermetically sealed plastic wrapping.

The first sells you stuff…the second lets you show & tell your stuff…the third is designed to absolutely positively keep you from ever getting into your stuff. Of this I am absolutely sure!

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