Hey If You're Under 35 You Just Missed It ~ The World Changed Forever

Just recently the world changed forever, only some of you never even noticed. That’s because for you it’s always been the way it is. But here’s the deal. That’s not true, for until just recently the world has always been the way it was for hundreds of thousands of years.

The way it was — for Ramses, Moses, Xerxes, Socrates, Charlemagne, Elizabeth I, Churchill, Charlie Chaplin and Dick Cheney alike — was a one-mile-after-another, one-minute-after-another world. We all traveled the space/time continuum the very same step-at-a-time way. Not anymore! Not ever again!

What those of you under 35 now do every day [and what the rest of us are learning to do for the first time] is watch how space has disappeared and time has collapsed. Almost everything everywhere is accessible to us anywhere anytime. This stunning new reality stares you in the eye every time you turn on your desktop or smartphone computer.

Your screens sizzle with offers-you-can’t-refuse: Don’t miss a minute of last nights game! see the latest episode of ‘The Housewives of New Jersey!’ watch the President’s gaffe at the VFW! hear Lindsay Lohan’s apology to the judge! study replays of the World Series game! visit the Greek Islands! walk where Jesus did! hear Romney rally his Ohio foot soldiers! see once again how Rhett finally walked out on Scarlet.

Lets see, how do the theologians define God? Oh that’s right: “A creator who knows neither space nor time, for he/she/it is omnipresent.” Sounds just like an Apple or Google commercial. Only we’re living out the commercial every new day. We have become as gods.

But here’s my problem with all this cosmic power. If you and I were really classy gods, wouldn’t we be doing more with all our omnipotence than checking NFL scores and New Jersey housewives??

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