Have You Noticed Every Six Hours You're Hungry Again

During these fat holiday meals we’ll be finishing with many a,”I couldn’t eat another bite!” And yet about six hours later we’re hungry again. Why is that? I mean besides the obvious gastronomical reasons. The answer has something to do with the very essence of our human nature — this sometimes exciting, sometimes exhausting need to always feel fulfilled.

It’s not only the food we eat, but other sources of nourishment we crave. Our recurring need for attention, assurance, and approval. Along with regard, recognition, and respect. Watch any politician working the crowd or any stand-up working the room, and you can see it in mega-action. They feed off their audiences; without that nourishment they’re balloons up there with the air hissing out.

Now lets consider America’s latest chefs-in-chief out in Silicon Valley. Apple, Google, Facebook, and every other blue-jeaned start-up anxious to feed our never-ending appetites. Sure there are product differences, but certainly no purpose differences. These wizards-of-wow keep coming up with digital meals that all promise to feed us whenever, wherever, and why-ever.

So there it is. Phones and pads to service you like the greatest wise-men who ever surrounded the greatest kings and emperors of history. You’ve got the power, baby…!

And yet.

Although swaddled in our wondrous little-blue-blankets of handheld power, how often we feel cutoff. isolated. without the answers we need or the fulfillment we crave. What we have in our hands is all the information in all the world, and yet at the end of the day what we really have is simply: Information. Gigabytes of facts & figures that beat with the same soulless tick of the Tin Man before Dorothy.

But after all, today’s wizards-of-wow never promised you a heart. That, my hungry friends, takes more than anything they’ve got to offer….

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