Have You New-Agers Noticed? Progress Has A Price.

I’m not against progress, but today’s New Agers [aka, skeptics of anything that happened before they were born] tend to believe all change is progress and all progress is free.

I don’t think so!

Consider the price we’ve had to pay for such progress as cars [exhaust fumes & traffic]…cigarettes [emphysema & lung cancer]…prime cuts of red meat [cholesterol & colon cancer]….television [Jerry Springer & The Housewives of New Jersey].

Next take our flashiest flood of progress: Electronics. Our days are buzzing and humming with our iPhones and Tablets wherever we go. [Editor’s note: Do not attempt to send emails at urinals or read your Kindle at tailgate parties]. But what price paradise…? Because of all that ringing and pinging on our digital devices, almost a third of the population is getting six hours or less of sleep at night. That’s approximately 41 millon yawners out here.

Oh incidentally, the enormous Internet data processing of everything from emails to Facebook messages to Google searches uses up 30 billion watts of electricity world wide every year. That’s equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear plants whose energy might have been irrigating and feeding millions of people.

While some of our most popular changes don’t always mean actual progress, some things never change. There’s the sun in the morning…the moon at night…and gobs and gobs of greasy comfort food. No matter what the good guys in the white coats tell us, we continue to consume tons of this stuff every year. Right down to the wire, as in the case of Death Row last-meals. Researchers found — these guys can “find” some of the most incredibly bizarre stuff! — these meals average “a very unhealthy 7200 calories of red meat, fried foods, and ice cream.”

I don’t know if anyone has told these researchers, but in the case of last-meals, does anyone really care about calories, progress, or prices.

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