Einstein Found The Mystery Of Our Time/Space Continuum, But Do You Know How To Ride It?

One hundred years ago, Einstein found the secret to our mysterious time/space continuum. Now this very day, with just the right cock of your head, you can actually own this secret for yourself.

Your only requirement is to step into the space of your choice, then re-locate the time of your choice. Align the two just right, and you’re back to exactly what once happened there.To make my point, think of when you stood on that green patch of Gettysburg where General Lee ordered his infamously failed Pickett’s Charge. If you concentrated just right, you could feel yourself there amid the roar of the Union cannons and the screams of the Rebel wounded.

Teleporting yourself there, you know for yourself precisely when Lincoln’s divided Union survived. Using that same time/space skill, you can discover how battles like Midway and Normandy saved this same Union from the tyrannies of Tojo and Hitler. Even in quieter places — say like the bridge I stood on this summer on Martha’s Vineyard — you can relive the tragedy of Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick accident — which ended forever the reign of the Kennedy’s in American politics.

But wait…! There’s more than great moments in history you can re-live. Equipped with this same skill, you can walk some of your very own time/space encounters. You know, the ones which years ago altered the history of YOUR life. The school rooms, playing fields, neighborhoods, nighttime beaches, summertime lakes, first homes, first nurseries, first important everything.

However, a warning. Re-visiting these will take more than your skill. Also your courage….

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