Attention All Alpha White Guys ~ You've Got Trouble

I’m a white guy, although not exactly your young alpha edition. But all you hard-charging, high-paid white alphas [and the gals who admire you] may have only another 35 years to bare your teeth and flash your status. Because the US Census Bureau projects as we approach 2050, a majority of America will be non-white for the first time.

What’s this? My America changing from me to them? How the hell did that happen?

Well, here’s the plot. From the first English settlements in North America, the ruling order of things was WASP [white anglo-saxon protestant]. Trace that story from those Waspy 17th C Puritans right up to Norman Rockwell’s Waspy 20th C Americans, and it’s a proud tale of the ‘good guys’ clearing the forests, planting the crops, killing the Indians, and becoming that ‘shining city on a hill’ President Reagan saw.

And yet there were already signs of trouble by WWI when the WASPs in Congress started passing immigration laws to contain the spread of such non-WASPS as Italians, Greeks, Hispanics, and what was often whispered as the ‘yellow peril;’ not to mention our KKK’s hooded campaign against all those Koons, Kikes & Katholics.

And yet, by gosh, by today non-WASPS are damn near everywhere. Some of their numbers may even help determine this presidential election. The very WASP Mitt Romney is willing to talk Spanish and shuck ‘n jive with the best of them [something Barak Obama does with less difficulty].

So what are the alpha-whites to make of this staggering demographic shift? If you’re an alpha-white Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Anne Coulter you hunker down and angrily yearn for the ‘real America.’ If instead you take this shift seriously [as are most West European countries, now living with a flood of new immigrants], you may take the long view. That is, not only study the handwriting on the wall of history, but work together to help spell and punctuate it in ways that can benefit us all.

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