A Whole New Take on Why The Give-Me-A-Son Mantra

Here in the 21st C, modern science has decided to add their voice to that ancient tribal wisdom about preferring sons. According to a new research project — there’s always another ‘new research project” going on somewhere — cardiologists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine report the brain of pregnant women benefits from carrying a male fetus.

What?? And you were already planning the nursery in pink!

That’s right, ladies, the scientists there find that bits of male DNA migrate into the mother’s body through the placenta. As a result, these women are apparently less likely to develop diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Although fetal cells from females migrate as well, it seems in smaller amounts.

This advantage is called ‘microchimerism.’

Aha! Could it be this is what the witch doctors were actually chanting at those bonfires built for their expectant mommies? Could It be it wasn’t just the need for more male hunters and warriors? We’ll never know, but just maybe these fellas with the headress and rattling charms were more concerned about their village’s future starlets than its future terminators.

If, however, you’re thinking Baby right about now, I’m not sure ‘microchimerism’ should be high on your to-do list.

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