What You Do In Your Life More Than Anything Else

The great minds of history eventually all come down to this bottom-line question: What do we earthlings most have in common? A credible answer could mean the start of something big, something that could better bind us 7 billion bickering backbiters closer together in the common cause of saving our planet and ourselves.

I have a credible answer for your consideration.

Can anyone think of anything we have more in common than Waiting…? To be sure there’s the classic answer death-and-taxes. But even more unrelenting in our daily lives, there is this matter of waiting. Young or old, Asian or American, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, virtually every day of our life we are waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Little or large, wonderful or dreadful, there is always something looming there just up ahead. We are here, it is there, and so we wait.

What exactly is this object…? One of an infinite number of possibilities wearing an infinite number of faces. Right now we’re waiting for the next check…the next test result…the next promotion…the next text …the next phone call. Something as cheery as the next Christmas or as mundane as the next meal. Like tightrope walkers, somehow we’re forever teetering between now and then.

Which is probably why so many elders and gurus talk so much about the Eternal Now. About living in the present moment. About letting loose the past and letting go the future, for neither is ours to hold. Trouble is, cliches like this are iffy at best. On the other hand, cliches like this are still around because somehow there’s been enough true to them to have lasted.

Maybe this is how to look at it. Waiting is something we just can’t help doing. On the other hand, living is something we can help ourselves do. Right here and right now. Like that other cliche puts it: “Life is what’s happening while you’re making other plans.”

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