That Small Door To The Secret Garden Of Their Lives

Everyone of us attends to that secret garden of our heart, for it is here we feel and breathe the most safe and free. But passing through our garden’s small door….that’s not easy. Neither for those outside trying to get into ours, nor for us trying to get into theirs. Ever since that first Garden, humanity appears to have this subliminal hungering for what it must have been like.

But why is this access so hard to navigate? Why do we, why do they, seem to protect the entrance way so vigorously? Perhaps it is one of the burdens to being human. A longing yet fearing to be totally open. To be totally known. To be totally loved.

Theologians, philosophers, poets, now neurobiologists have tried to decode this lavish burden And while their erudite conclusions are many, isn’t there a simple even primitive one? Music

From the first jungle drums in Southwest Africa where our species began, music has been at the very core of our being. The sounds of music — soothing or sensuous, rhythmic or raucous — reach us more directly than any other sensory experience. Think about it…with music you don’t have to think about it! It comes from outside your garden passing through door, wall and brain alike. Reaching instantly and deeply into your very being.

There is not a person who doesn’t move to the music. Baroque…Romantic…Pop…Rock…Jazz…Rap. Our body can’t resist. It doesn’t want to resist. And so don’t we have here an immediate key to that door? Watch the music to which they move, just as the watch the music to which you move.

It is in this way we may have our first insight into them, and they into us. The kind of music that moves people helps explain people. Why you can almost hear a key turning in the lock.

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