Picture 60,000 Pizza Parlors All In One Place

That ‘one place’ is the good ol’ U S of A. We have nearly 60,000 of these comfort-food stops, from catch-as-catch-can storefronts to pricey franchises to elaborate downtown pizza palaces. In Italy they shake their collective heads at how we Americans have despoiled their simpler and thinner pies, but here the piled-high-pizza is the number one ethnic favorite.

I won’t bore you reporting how before WWII all Italian moms made their own pizzas and risottos at home, which have now been given new and more exotic names outside the home. I will, however, report that pizza is simply the leading edge of a new public passion for comfort-foods. And what better time than our own comfortless times to seek out such home-kitchen pleasures?

The medical profession shake their collective heads as they watch their health warnings go ignored. They tell us how bad pizzas and pasta, Whoppers and Sundaes are for us. We, like the child we are at heart, petulantly ignore the warnings. Give me a break. I need a little high-cholesterol comfort every now and then. Oh, we do run an occasional sprint of healthy dieting, but how dull. How drab. How totally unsatisfying to our rebellious little tummies!

Not surprisingly, this spike in comfort-food gorging has risen in direct proportion to the spike in heath-advice warnings. The more we learn, the more we deny. Are we crazy…? No, the problem here is far more complicated. We’re human….!

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