Now Dare We Enter Our Most Mythic Time Warp

Unlike Anchorage or Atlanta, Chicago is a city of five complete seasons! [The fifth is unofficially known as ‘construction’]. Of these, we are just now entering the one with the largest myths and legends, dreams and fantasies. These next 90 days of darkening afternoons and shimmering visions pay annual tribute to our culture’s three most ritualistic holidays.

What better way to celebrate the fadeout of the old year, and the resurrection of the new year?

To be sure, there are detailed histories to our Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; however, it’s not their histories but rather their halos that gift our approaching days. Ghosts, goblins and frights…turkeys, pies and Pilgrims…angels, reindeers and sugarplum fairies await the children. And, yes, the eternal child still hiding in each of us. [Hopefully your adult hasn’t laid waste to that child!]

And yet, each cold January we look back and wonder how and why we let it all slip through our fingers. Usually it’s because of all those terribly adult agendas that had to be completed. Or so we told ourselves. At one lovely time in our youth, these days seemed to go by so very very slowly. Now, darn if they don’t gallop by leaving us out of breath and at the same time out of fun!

Can you and I take this pledge…? The one we promise ourselves every year, but then break: “I swear I will find where the child in me still hides, bring that child forth once again, and give it permission to savor these next 90 days of magic and mystery, little joys and large jubilations.”

OK, I took it! Now it’s your turn……

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