"Going Viral" Makes You Emperor-For-A-Day! Now What??

“Going viral” is the new name-of-the-game in our shrinking world. One click and you — pope or pimp, saint or scoundrel — can instantly reach tens of millions of screens. With a little luck and a lot of sizzle your message will seep into your recipients’ brains, where in that digital instant it can do its thing.

Its ‘thing’ may be inspiring or more likely disparaging. Take four recent examples. There was Carly Rae Jensen’s lovely youtube “Call Me Maybe” and the powerful expose of kids harassing an elderly school- bus monitor. But then there was the recent film slander of the Prophet Mohamed and the secretly recorded remarks of candidate Romney.

Take an explosive scene…a voracious Internet…a billion potential viewers. That, my fellow-global-villagers, is a missionary formula that Jesus rendering the Sermon on the Mount could have envied!

Any yet. every knight in shining armor is likely to have a chink in it. Behold the knights of Silicon Valley who have bequeathed us with all the powers all the emperors in all the world would have envied. We call this progress and in countless ways it is. But the power of progress — and the progress of power — is never the answer. Rather, it is the question.

Something like the yapping puppy chasing the car. What if he finally catches its roaring power. Then what, little fella….?

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