Being Caught Inside The World's Greatest Race

Life is a story of stories, and throughout most of them runs this great race. The endless one between the swift and the slow, the strong and the weak, essentially the good and the bad. At its most elementary, it’s the law-givers versus the law-breakers. As fast as a civil society makes new rules, there are those out there trying to find new ways to break them.

You say that reminds you of something…? Right, that caper in the Garden where right off the two tenants broke the only law the landlord had given them. And the beat goes on!

Tax laws…contract laws…drugs laws…immigration laws. Government generates these by the hundreds every year. And while most of us do our best to stay just inside their legal restraints, there will always be those calculating the risks and figuring the odds on how they can skirt these laws, con their victims, and make a bundle.

It’s been said that if all the Jesse James and Al Capones in our history had ever put their smarts to work on this side of the law, they might have made some of history’s greatest presidents.

Ahh, I know what you’re thinking. Lot of our presidents already were crooks. On balance, you may have a point. However, on record we often remember those presidents as among our “greatest.” Say like Jefferson when he landed the Louisiana Purchase by skirting the Constitution, Lincoln when he defended the Union by defying the rule of Habeas Corpus, or FDR when he bent the law to imprison Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor.

But that’s another story. Until then, it’s always a good idea to make laws based on human nature’s worst not best angels. And to elect presidents you believe know best when to bend the law.

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