Attention All Egotists [AKA, Bloggers]

Neuroscientists from Harvard just spilled the beans. All over our collective egos. MRI scans of more than 200 subjects have conclusively demonstrated a deep dark secret we all sharr in this blogosphere. We love to talk about ourselves!

Frankly we didn’t need science to say out loud what we each know in private. But reading “science says…” is the new Open Sesame for getting our attention. “Scientists here say while 30-40% of everyday conversation consists of people talking abut themselves, a walloping 80% of social media fits that scenario.”

Lets face it, my fellow egotists, we have reached that plateau of civilization where we have less need to struggle with our survival, therefore more time to survive with our struggles. Blog after blog. Tweet after tweet. How do the boys in the lab coats know this…? Well, It’s that old mesolimbie dopamine gig. We get it from talking about ourselves, and now with blogging and tweeting, darned if we don’t get it 24/7.

Usually we get these dopamine boosts from primary rewards like food and sex. But this was the first time researchers found “self disclosure” triggers it as well. Constantly writing about ourselves like this constantly stimulates the brain’s reward system in exotic new ways never before available.

Ain’t technology great?

First it feeds our egos, and then goes on to demonstrate how and why. But wait…! There IS one thing this research put on the asset side of the human ledger. Talking about ourselves with others talking about themselves does strengthen our bonds with people. People far beyond our usual physical and emotional boundaries. With a little luck and a lot of work, egos bonded togather like this for the first time just might help make it a closer planet on which to live.

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