Will You Please Stop Sticking Those Fingers In My Face!!

Look, I’m old, but not so old I can’t decode what your fingers are shouting at me. The index finger is saying you’re number one. Yeah I get it. And your gnarly third finger is telling me what you think of me. Perfectly clear. The only two I’m bitching about are two & three.

Lately you’re flashing them at every camera, cop or crowd you see. This is where I take exception. You see, kiddo, I grew up during the great achievements of the Greatest Generation. Back then, that “V” stood for only one thing. One proud thing. One fierce thing all over the world.

Maybe some of you have forgotten. Back when the world of your grandparents and your parents was threatened with total domination by the Nazi hordes of Hitler, Churchill stood defiantly in the same London that just hosted the Olympics. It was his gutsy way of saying to all the free peoples of the world that the madmen from Berlin would not prevail. Against all odds, victory would be ours.

Churchill helped make that victory possible so that by V-J Day August 14 1945 every free man and woman on the planet had adopted the “V” sign for the victory of the human race. So please, no more cheapening of It. Those two fingers should be saved for the real thing, for causes that count…!

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