The Facts Are In -- Do You Know What Your Cat Really Does At Night...?

For those who have struggled with such cosmic questions as does-the-light-really-go-out-when-you-close-the-refrigerator, researchers at the University of Georgia have at last answered the nagging question of every cat owner: What does my cats really do when I let them out at night…?

They respect your first-impression answers like mating and hunting. Ahhh, but there’s so much more to this caper. There are 74 million household cats in America. Attached cameras have now documented the following data. Whether you want to hear them or not:

* 44% follow their natural hunting instinct, but creating far more deaths and destruction than previously assumed because your cats don’t bring back all their prey

* 85% engage in potentially life-threatening behaviors like crossing roads, eating unknown substances and getting stuck in narrow places

* 10% routinely visit second-family sites for added petting and treats

Oh, a spokesman for the American Bird Conservancy adds this: “And god knows how many birds they kill as one in three bird species continue to decline!”

When it’s midnight do you know where you cat is…? Or your spouse…?

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