The 7 Things You Missed This Morning

Really, you did miss some mighty important stuff this morning. Maybe even more than seven. With all due respect to your busy schedule, here’s what I think you missed:

* The smell of your world. Ever think about that? Your world really does have a smell to it. A fascinating recipe of green fragrances like our taken-for-granted grass and trees, mixed with black odors like trucks, jets, and angry expressways. Each new morning it’s a one-of-a-kind fragrance

* Then there’s the sound of your world. You know, the hum of car tires, commuter trains, traffic congestion, the whole hard-breathing effort with which the world around you is struggling and striving each new day to make it to the next

* Also, the cooing, cawing and flight of the many birds who fill your sky with their sweet existence. While they work to breed and feed, their lyrics can be a Mozart sonata if only we give them more of our busy attention

* Next, that rainbow of flowers that bursts at every turn on this summer day, but which you probably took all too much for granted on your way to whatever you decided was more important

* Lets not forget the celestial chorus of little children out there, giggling and dreaming as they play through one more blissful August day without school. Did you catch it? Probably not

* Finally, the silent chorus of elders around you who have lived too long to either giggle or dream; but not long enough to be taken for granted by those of us who know so much less about life than their silence contains

* Number seven…? Well, “missing” this one is not your fault. I and a few million remaining others speak here of the last time our fair land burst with a rare fury of patriotic desire and devotion. A time when even parties, religions, and races all understood what we have in common. I speak of that tragic but inspiring four years the Greatest Generation fought and won World War II. In a funny kind of way, missing that you missed the most remarkable time in the history of a remarkable nation. A time when, despite the horrific bloodshed, Americans actually stood shoulder to shoulder not toe to toe.

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  • I certainly did not miss the smell of the world this morning. There seems to be an invasion of skunks in my area (including a colony of little stinkers in the bushes off my patio) and one went off. With regard to sounds, the crickets, locusts, or cicadas have sure gone off.

    On the other hand, I don't mind the squirrels and chipmunks.

  • Jack & Brandi ~ Hats off to each of you, for you seem fully attuned to your world. My only thought here is -- you are probably in the minority!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Also, that you replied to Brandi two minutes before she posted.

    Either you are clairvoyant, or the Tribune server is the mess we knew it was.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ How that happened is something I REALLY MISS< Every day. That is, I totally mis-understand how this technology really works!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    The Tribune IT department also does.

  • Well, I can say that I do not miss any of these things in my life, though I wish my grandfather was around to tell us his WWII stories (I have heard them from another vet before he passed many years ago). I have birds in the trees outside my windows, I have the train that runs past my apartment building all day and night, I am allergic to grass and a the flowers growing ourside in the front of my building so I know when I need to take my allergy meds, I live near a school and with kids in my building I hear them all the time, I have elders in my office as well as in and around my apartment building so I hear and see them on a daily basis.

  • This fine ramble gave me a smile this day ... for we soon embark on a time with grandchildren in the east of this country that will be all too sensuous and keep this Geezer aware of the world and events you so adroitly describe Jack ... an it will be so enjoyed ... much thanks my friend!

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