Shh, Right Now We're Living In The Sexiest Season Of The Year

Maybe you already knew this, but late summer and early winter are the sexiest seasons of the year. Who says so? Those sexy scientists at Villanova who have actually taken time away from sex to graph it. As in the number of Google searches with the word ‘sex’ in them.

Study author Patrick Markey reports birth records, condom sales and abortion rates all suggest, “a heightened pursuit of intercourse during these months.” He theorizes one reason may be, “we are around more people more often during these vacation and holiday months.” He goes on to say, “perhaps humans are hardwired to copulate at those times, because then giving birth in early spring or autumn presented an evolutionary advantage for our earliest ancestors.”

Whether sex is in the air right now or not, I kinda hate being advised human love is largely animal genetics at seasonal work. Professor Markey may be correct in his data, but there are those of us who’d still like to believe love is more than lust. That people are attractive for their values as well as their bodies.

OK, OK, that dates me! But with more than 3 billion people on the planet under the age of 25, the mind boggles at the thought of what these next few months might be like. Starting this very week in Tampa, Florida where the strip clubs are expecting big business during the GOP Convention. Club owner Don Kleinhans says he’s been told to expect, “two to three times the trade a Super Bowl would mean.”

Or as the popular night cub Scarlett has on its marquee: Come on down and party like a liberal!

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