Parents And Kids Get Lost In The Translation

There’s a gap, sure, but it’s much wider and weirder than you think…

In addition to the enormous differences in sizes, weights, experiences, and ways of seeing your world, you and they don’t even speak the same language. If the kids were born after say 1990, they have no actual working idea what you mean when you talk about: Missile Gap, Cold War, JFK, Dallas, Watergate, Rat Pack, Brat Pack, Elvis in Vegas, Riverview, the Corleones, Shock & Awe, radio programs, B&W television, calculators, slide rulers, ‘Father Know Best,’ Uncle Miltie, Dumb Blond, Edward R Murrow, Kent State, chads, fish-on-Friday, Saturday Matinee, necking, white for weddings, oh and a pennant in Wrigley Field!

When you meet a Parisian in Paris or an Italian in Rome, you know how hard it is tell them about your world 3000 miles back here in Chicago? Well, when you’re talking to Jimmy and Emily, they have even less idea what you’re saying.

What’s more, there are no handy dialect brochures to help you out. So take a deep breath and start over again. You have a great story to tell if only you can find the right words…

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