On Stage -- Vegas And Life-- Sometime The Best Performers Are The Worst People

Nothing wrong with good people in our lives, but good people often make the poor performers. Or to invert that, some of the greatest leaders on the stage of history have been bastards backstage…

If the backstage cast and crew know the star to be a sonofabitch, that doesn’t alter the performance. Nor our great delight in experiencing it. Want some documented examples? John Barrymore, Bette Davis, Sinatra, Brando, Turner, Cruise, Streisand, Dreyfus, Cher, Sookie, plus and a nameless number of others we’ll keep secret. But they give you a great show, right…?

On a still bigger stage performing a much bigger show, there are the great figures of history. Backstage, monsters every one of them. Xerxes, Ramses, Caesar, Henry VIII, Miles Standish, John Adams, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Churchill, DeGaulle, LBJ, Queen Elizabeth, and most every damn general from Washington to Grant to Patton to Colin Powell.

Here’s the point. Do we care? Do we need good guys to accomplish good things? Not always. And so perhaps this year’s endless negative campaign-ads are actually telling us who out there is bad enough to be great…!

Sounds funny, but than so is human history!

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