Notice How Your Love/Hate Syndrome Just Grew By One Large Leap!

Don’t have to have a major in Psych to understand your many love/hate hangups. Among the Freudian favorites are: mom…dad…siblings…lover…job…and don’t forget that gorgeous-but-ridiculously-high- maintainence car.

Now in the last 20 years we’ve added Silicon Valley to the list.

If you doubt this, consider the last dozen times you grumbled about all those absurd pedestrians walking around with their faces stuck in their handheld smartphones. Which you did while looking up from your handheld smartphone. Lets admit it — we love these damn gadgets, and the gang at Silicon keeps feeding our addiction with every new edition. Talk about planned obsolescence…!

Tom Brokaw said it well: “It’s easy to make a buck; it’s a lot harder to make a difference.” The wizards in Palo Alto have made both, but have they already reached the point of diminishing returns? Like the ingenious tobacco companies who used to keep enhancing their addictive products and advertising, our hi-tech gurus are not the ones to count on for taming this newest national addiction. The wolf in the chicken yard is not your go-to solution for all those missing chickens…!

Who then??

Not many folks outside Amish Valley are talking about another Luddite revolt against technology. Far too late for that for even our most poetic naturalists who rarely trek their favorite hideaways anymore without their pack of hardware. And it’s not going to do any good to yell at your f–cking hardware, because
recent surveys find 57% of employers said they’d be less likely to promote someone who curses.

So lets see. What does that leave as an answer to our latest love/hate hangup? Oh, I know. That Off button. Have you used it lately….?

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  • Also, from Saturday's Tribune, don't send a text message suggesting that a 13-year old might want to join a threesome, because mommy might check the phone, and call a police decoy who somehow looks like a 13 year old.

    But given that one can take HD video with most smart phones, the next step will be a holographic projection of those videos in 3D.

    And, of course, let's pay our tribute to the folks in Redmond, Washington, who invented, and have close to have eliminated the Blue Screen of Death, but other than Office really haven't come up with anything competitive. And, maybe to Zuckerberg, who has just proven that it doesn't take long to lose half of one's money--that is if you were an outsider biting on the IPO at 38.

  • Holographic next...? Will anyone anymore know what's actual and what's
    virtual? Or will there be any difference anymore!

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