Mom, Want To Know What You Kid's Teacher Is Sayng Right Now?

After 40 years in the high school and college classrooms of Chicago, I know the answer. And now that I’m safely retired, I can share it with you. But to do so means breaking the OMERTA! The ancient code of faculty silence. I take this risk knowing full well it could be my last….

The five universals being muttered right now in faculty lounges all over Chicagoland are these:

* “I can’t take another year of these little creeps, but I gotta keep up my pension payments before the pols in Springfield throw us under the train!”

* “Last June I swore I had just finished with the worst class in my freaking career. Now that I’ve seen my new class rolls, I think this bunch has a chance of outdoing everyone of them!”

* We start with some hottie-tottie new principal, a new set of metal detectors, yet the same lousy cafeteria staff and menu. I’m not going to make it!”

* “If I hear either of these candidates babble about being The Education President, I’ll spit spiders. Neither one has ever been in a school like this dump!”

* “I still can’t decide who I hate more: the parents who come to the PTA meetings full of complaints, or the ones who never show up because they can’t figure out where the hell we’re located!”

Remember >> you didn’t hear this from me!!

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