Is Everything In America Really For Sale? Yep! Started When The Dutch Got Manhattan For $24

Lets see, exactly how much did the Dutch pay those Indians for Manhattan? $24! Best sale on record until the Yanks bought the entire Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon in 1803 for pennies on the acre.

Here’s the point, fans, In America there’s always been only one coin-of-the-realm: cold, hard cash.

In some societies, even today, other factors count. Land! Lineage! Language! Not in the good old U-S-of-A. Money, pal, just crisp green money. It’ll buy you anything and everything. Products, power, and political elections. Along with luxury, lust, and a smarmy variety of loves.

Wanna know where? I’ll tell you where. In Wall Street conference rooms to Las Vegas hotel suites; from Chicago City Hall to your local Ward office; by Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and atheists alike.

What’s my point……..?

Just this. Nothing’s new about the role of money in our lives. After all, Judas closed the biggest deal in history for just 30 lousy pieces of silver. What IS new is how America has given money so much class. In the 18th C we called them plantation owners…in the 19th, business tycoons…today, well, today I think we call them made-it-on-my-own entrepreneurs.

We get 90 days to see if they can close another big sale. Buy your vote.

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  • Yeah, the Dutch gave the Lenape Indians trinkets and beads, as well as small pox and measles.

  • 30 pieces of silver? Felix argentum.

  • Not to mention that some Tsar needed some money so we got Alaska. I suppose Napoleon needed the money, too.

    For the last statement, I still think that it would be more economical to buy my vote directly than to spend it on media. Media companies in swing states probably don't agree.

  • Aquinas & Jack ~ You know your history! Now lets see if the voters this fall know their history well enough to vote smart....

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