I'll Just Say It -- You're Living In The Wrong Generation!

Anyone here under 40 or 50 has probably heard about the Greatest Generation [the Great Depression & World War II] but have little hands-on experience with why it was so great. I haven’t got time to make the full case, but here’s one piece of evidence from your own generation. Sight and Sound Magazine, internationally published by the British Film Institute, just listed their Top Ten films of all time.

Check ’em out, kids, not one of them produced in the last 40 years. In other words, in YOUR generation!

I realize I sound a little smug about MY generation. But lets face it, yours has not been generating many enviable records in culture, crime, or even computerology. Wars proliferate…crimes surge…drugs soar… climate explodes…hackers out-number physicians and haters run the world.

May I offer you one arguable explanation?

The top ten films from MY generation generally reflected a set of ethics and morals notably loftier than what we’re all living with today. Among those are: Vertigo, Citizen Kane, Man With A Movie Camera, Sunrise, The Searchers, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Passion of Joan of Arc.

If art imitates life, films like these were imitating a life back then that I’m sorry you missed…!

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