"I Want To Get Away From It All...!" OK, But Where To?

Frustration comes with the territory! How many times a day — during the grind of work, with the yelping of kids, or in front of the 10 o’clock new — do you think: “I want to get away from it all.”

It’s the secret password to the club we call the human race. It’s the primal scream that shrieks from out of our souls when we simply can’t take it anymore. Funny thing though, the scream often has no punchline. It’s a call for quick reservations to a better, saner place, but without any specific destination on the ticket.

This is your chance. Your chance to write in some specifics to go with your trip. I can’t be sure, but as a fellow club member let me guess some of your more likely destinations:

* There’s the special cozy faraway spot you often dream of — Paris, the Caribbean, San Francisco, the little fishing hole up in the great lake country, that mountain lodge retreat where you spent the best two weeks of your life. Well, you can fill in the rest of the ticket yourself

* Or maybe it’s not a special place but a special point in time — the safety-net of that big old house you grew up in under the protective eyes and arms of loving parents, or those giddy times in college where everything seemed possible, or those first rhapsodic days when you first fell in love and knew the feeling would be forever. You know, those fast-heart-beat times when you were the most complete you you’ve ever been. Again, you can fill in the rest

A closing thought from a fellow club member. The eternal human yearning to somehow free ourselves from the chains of the moment is not necessarily a weakness. Or even an escape from reality. Most often this stirring inside us is the quiet passion that periodically bursts open in search of some balm. It’s entirely human of us, because as humans we’ve been programmed [by God or evolution, take your pick] to be somehow better or at least better off than we are.

Perhaps this yearning is why the human race has survived as long as it has. Not always triumphantly …but at least by the skin of our teeth.

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