Hey Hey Baby -- If Eve Could Only See You Now!

Lets face it. Eve got a bad rap in the Bible. But then the Bible was written almost exclusively by men. After centuries of bondage — at first kept barefoot-and-pregnant, then later kept on powerless-pedestals — the women in the 19th C West started to say enough. By the 21st C, kitchens have emptied and pedestals replaced by conference rooms.

Numerically speaking, this could be history’s largest revolution.

The female of the species in the West now outsizes the male in the number of voters, college students, med and law graduates. And just this week the ‘Atlantic’ reported: “Of the 1.2 million books published since 1900, the proportion of male pronouns to female pronouns has now fallen from 5-to-1 down to less than 2-to-1.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is very big news indeed. Olympic gold is being gathered and glass ceilings being shattered faster than ever before. Eve — along with Helen, Cleopatra, Beatrice and Susan B Anthony — would trumpet in their graves.

The ascending female of the species still may have a few kinks in their armor. I mean, they still have to account for Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Their variegated remarks on life, love, and laundry have raised eyebrows and Prozac sales even in some of the Red States.

But then there’s that other female voice. Marilyn Monroe liked to put it this way: “Women who are trying to be equal to men lack ambition!”

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