Fair Warning -- There's An Algorithm Ready Right Now To Replace You

You say, “I don’t know what the hell an algorithm is!” but I say it doesn’t matter. There’s one straining at the digital bit right now ready to scoop you and your best labors up into a brave new world. If you think calculators and computers have replaced you, you ain’t seen nothing yet…!

Algorithms are digital formulas designed to methodically solve any problem you give them. Oh, not just the obvious ones like THINKING faster then you. That ship has sailed.These days they have matured into formulas that can CREATE faster than you. You want to write a novel? create a musical for Broadway? design a step-by-step answer to the intrusion of Chinese warships in the southeast Pacific?

Algorithms aren’t supposed to brag, but brag they do! From Hollywood recording studios to CIA counter-intelligence, these little nameless faceless critters have actually replaced dozens of….well, lets just say it out loud! College and life-educated specialists who were only a few years ago labeled “indispensable.” Algorithms have written musical hits, designed political campaigns, helped football defensive coaches, and planned Manhattan wedding events! How do you top that?

Look, I don’t begrudge our algorithms their genius. I simply begin to wonder if average IQs like me will be increasingly trampled in the nation’s unemployment lines. And if average IQs like me will have the nerve to step out of the house in the morning. Wait…there’s an algorithm for that.

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