Do You Like Big Fat Conspiracy Theories >>>

Here’s the next dirty little secret. Hollywood right-wingers released the $ multi-million ‘Bourne Legacy’ just in time for next week’s Romney-Ryan assault on the “evils of big government.” In case you haven’t noticed, lately every film about government — West Wing, CIA, FBI, Drones — is just another version of how unseen faces in unseen chambers with unseen plots use our government to spy, brainwash, and secretly assassinate on-demand.

Ever since Nixon and Watergate, the soup de jour is showing the Feds as the bad guys. Who are the good guys? The classic Hollywood punchline is always the same: the gutsy John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood or Tom Cruise who single-handedly thwart the conspiracy and save the world.

Trouble is, no one does anything single-handedly anymore. We all need a little help from government — from the post office to the highways to the meat inspections to the Coast Guard. The message then is not NO government; it should be BETTER government. And that’s no conspiracy….

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