Careful, Your Dog Is Telling More About You Than You Realize

Depending on your libido, you either prefer remaining a bit of a mystery to strangers, or you want the world to know when you’re passing by. Now there’s a new study that tells you you’re telling them a lot more about yourself than you ever realized. Just by the kind of dog you own and by the way you walk it.

Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers all announce your intentions to keep a wide berth between you and them. And them better respect that! Collies, Irish Setters, and Golden Labs say you’re OK with your world. And with them! Cutesy lap dogs make you an easy touch for patters and panhandlers alike. But, hey, you can’t help yourself!

A more subtle signal is how you walk your dog. If you let it lead, you tend to follow the majority. If you aim it, you’re probably among the minority who take charge. On the other hand, If you indulge it at every tree or fireplug, you’re probably a generous lover. Or perhaps just a soft-touch!

The University of Kansas researchers admitted these fuzzy results are still incomplete. When asked how many of them owned dogs, only two actually did. Which is something like a behavioral scientist explaining the 36 different ways of making love, without ever knowing a woman….

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