Careful, Tonight You'll Be In Someone's Nocturnal Blogosphere

There are many dream-teams out there. Especially at the Olympics. But you, my fellow dreamers, will be like me a part of the world’s biggest dream-team this very night!

You see, your dreams will be featuring a remarkable array of characters from your life. In all kinds of crazy roles. Like the manager in the produce department you argued with today …the cop who pulled you over last week….the chemistry professor who used to drive you mad…the prom date you’ve never forgotten… maybe even Adolf Hitler or Woodrow Wilson or Meryl Streep.

How in the world will these characters come streaming through your nocturnal blogosphere? Well, you have Freud and Jung to help you figure that out. But here’s something they — and probably you — rarely talk about. The remarkable ways in which YOU will be a cast member in THEIR dreams tonight.

“Their” might include any of a thousand people all over the world. Whose lives you’ve somehow crossed at some brief or extended or pleasant or bitter point in their existence. You see, while you occasionally dream of THEM, just as likely they dream of YOU.

So sleep tight this night, because you’re scheduled to make an appearance in one or more of THEIR dreams before the next sunrise. And think of this — you’ll be appearing without a contract or script!

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  • Are you saying our dreams are Freudulent?

  • Couldn't have said it any better...or any Jungian!

  • "Like the manager in the produce department you argued with today..." Substitute fish and I don't need any nocturnal reminder of that.

    Seems like where I shop, they no comprende Inglis. I ask "where is the perch you advertised here? I don't see it." Then he pulled out something behind the grouper sign (didn't look like grouper) weighs two fillets and says "here." When I said "you put on the wrong price," he says "you said grouper" and I said "I did not." Bottom line, no sale. He did seem to be in a bit of a hurry to rip open the package and put whatever fish back in the display, so I think he knew what he was doing, and got caught.

    This store seems to be pulling this kind of stuff all the time, but so do most of the others here, unless you want to do the opposite of what is suggested in a Walmart ad and pay twice as much at Jewel for staff that speaks English, but still pushes stuff in this manner.

    One oddity I had dreaming last night was that the dream combined something about 40 years old with something else about a year old. At least it wasn't the constant "I haven't turned in 20 year old work yet" one.

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