Being An Older Father Will Help Your Kids...Ahh, Until It Hurts Them

Fellas, there’s this brand-new study about fatherhood with equal parts good news & bad…!

This one comes from my old Alma Mater, Northwestern University, something like those pill commercials where the good news is portrayed in beautiful people running beautifully across beautiful green meadows, while the bad news is shared by off-camera speed-readers rattling off the side effects. Ahh, you’ve seen them!

Anthropologist Dan Eisenberg tells “The children from older fathers inherit a genetic boost that will help them live a long life. This happens across at least two generations…”

That’s the good news. But come on now, you don’t expect the professor to stop there. In science there’s this thing about hedging your bets. Comes from its built-in skepticism of all those centuries of pre-scientific absolutism. He adds: “But while older fathers do offer a longevity advantage, previous research has shown they’re also more likely to father children with a genetic predisposition to autism, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder…”

Say what…??

Eisenberg not only sounds like my own on-the-other-handing doc, there’s a distinct touch of politician and general to him. Like when those fellas tell us what to expect when they recommend that new energy policy or their latest deployment of the Fleet to the South China Sea. Sliced-and-diced, their pronouncements leave enough room for error you can shove an 18-wheeler through it.

Lets face it — we can’t skip through a dangerous world believing whatever we most want to believe. Still, don’t you miss those summer nights when you fell asleep in the backseat of Dad’s car, waking up to find yourself all tucked into your bed…?

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