Aha! New Research Shows Depression And Worry Have An Off-Switch

Night after night you’re stretched out in front of the great luminous eye. Americans spend up to eight viewing hours a day, with some researchers claiming each hour shortens our life by 22 minutes…!

You can take those stats for what you think they’re worth, but here are two facts that seem indisputable:

* Sitting in front of a glowing television, computer or cellphone screen puts you at risk for depression. ‘Science News’ reports, “Nighttime exposure to light from gadgets has already been shown to contribute to insomnia, cancers, obesity and diabetes. Now there is evidence screen glow can also cause mood related changes in the brain.” Over the last 50 years depression rates have increased dramatically as artificial lighting at night has grown more common. If there is a causal connection, there’s an off-switch to every gadget

* Watching television means allowing into your living room thousands of hours of warfare, gang violence, fireballs, homicides, rapes, child and drug abuse. And all that even before the news hour. Researcher Tom Russ of the University of Edinburgh tells Health.com, “Taking the bad news to heart is bad for your heart.” One out of four people experience anxiety of that sort that distracts them, depletes their self confidence, and keeps them awake at night. “Not enough for actual medication and therapy, but enough to have less quality of life.” Once again, the avalanche of these disturbing images still has an off-switch

Hiding from reality like this won’t make it go away. But with pre-scheduled TV-cations, those off-switches may prove downright curative.

Afterthought…! Even without those heart-pounding screen images, there are still those things known as books. Read a few best-selling sci-fi works like ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Eye in the Sky,’ ‘How to Build an Android,” or ‘Solar Lottery’ and chances are you’ll be too scared about the future to ever turn out the lights for television again…!

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