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Sure, Live-Your-Dream! Next, What About Your Myth?

There have always been myths about our nation. Not necessarily lies, but rather collective beliefs which can help explain and energize us. Take some of our favorite myths,usually from the Old West. The myth of the rugged, tall-in-the-saddle loner (Clint fits that one, until his bizarre monologue at Tampa]…the myth we are a good and... Read more »

Anxiety Attacks Are Now Attacking America

So what’s all this about the National Institute of Health reporting, “More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety each year, many in the form of anxiety attacks.” What’s with this label ‘attack?’ I can understand a shark attack, a heart attack, an attack of indigestion, but how does anxiety attack…? If you can’t answer... Read more »

On Stage -- Vegas And Life-- Sometime The Best Performers Are The Worst People

Nothing wrong with good people in our lives, but good people often make the poor performers. Or to invert that, some of the greatest leaders on the stage of history have been bastards backstage… If the backstage cast and crew know the star to be a sonofabitch, that doesn’t alter the performance. Nor our great... Read more »

Aha! New Research Shows Depression And Worry Have An Off-Switch

Night after night you’re stretched out in front of the great luminous eye. Americans spend up to eight viewing hours a day, with some researchers claiming each hour shortens our life by 22 minutes…! You can take those stats for what you think they’re worth, but here are two facts that seem indisputable: * Sitting... Read more »

Parents And Kids Get Lost In The Translation

There’s a gap, sure, but it’s much wider and weirder than you think… In addition to the enormous differences in sizes, weights, experiences, and ways of seeing your world, you and they don’t even speak the same language. If the kids were born after say 1990, they have no actual working idea what you mean... Read more »

Inviting Vampires And Zombies Into Your Bedroom! But Why?

Two ancient diseases grew up side by side — Leprosy and Rabies — consuming millions of lives all through history. Today both have been cured, yet one somehow still lives on. What’s more, against all good sense, we keep inviting it back into our stories and into our lives. Rabies — the plague that passes... Read more »

Being An Older Father Will Help Your Kids...Ahh, Until It Hurts Them

Fellas, there’s this brand-new study about fatherhood with equal parts good news & bad…! This one comes from my old Alma Mater, Northwestern University, something like those pill commercials where the good news is portrayed in beautiful people running beautifully across beautiful green meadows, while the bad news is shared by off-camera speed-readers rattling off... Read more »

Theist In Park Ridge To Atheist In Wheaton...!

James, my ol’ ideological counter-part, maybe you’d like to come out and play…! We’re not that far apart. Geographically or scientifically. Mostly philosophically. To ease into this match-up, I added a short 101 comment to your fine post today. If you and/or anyone else wants to pick up the gauntlet from there, lets see how... Read more »

Hey Hey Baby -- If Eve Could Only See You Now!

Lets face it. Eve got a bad rap in the Bible. But then the Bible was written almost exclusively by men. After centuries of bondage — at first kept barefoot-and-pregnant, then later kept on powerless-pedestals — the women in the 19th C West started to say enough. By the 21st C, kitchens have emptied and... Read more »

To Every Young Parent -- Big Big Spoiler Alert!

If life is like a movie whose surprise plot-twists you don’t want to know upfront, that’s fine. For you young parents, this then is a spoiler-alert. Don’t read any further, because there’s one plot-twist up ahead that will blow you away…! If you’re still with me, lets put that into context. Remember the joke about... Read more »