Who Are You? Really??

Life bristles with ironies. Sometimes life is the irony. Consider how video-cams, iPhones, and Clouds pledge to permanently store and treasure everything we ever say or do. And yet we’re losing treasures every day. Our last WWI veteran died this year…WWII veterans are dying by the hundreds every day…and what about all those lives now and forever missing in our lives?

They were the cast members in the great drama of our life who have now left the stage. Never again to be seen, only remembered. More of a loss than we may have at first realized. Think of it! For instance, Mom will never again be able to answer those little questions you forgot to ask. About the night of your conception…her pregnancy…the important moments teaching you how to speak…the aunts and teachers about whom only she could have explained their remarkable roles in your childhood.

All those moments, those insights, those secrets now remain forever sealed with her. Just now when you could learn so much from their details. We probably know more about such matters in the heavily biographied lives of Roosevelt, Church, Hitler and Lennon than we do about ourselves. There’s something enormously dissatisfying about that.

We’ve been advised [warned?] that soon we can be implanted with a chip that will record everything we do, say, and hear throughout a lifetime. A kind of bequest to our children who may, after the wake, wish to sort out who we really were. My question: Why should they know when I still don’t…?

Or to put the question in historic context — is it time the wunderkind from Silicon Valley reconsider the lofty mantra: “If the mountain is there it must be climbed!”

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  • If the wunderkind is Zuckerberg, you can look at yesterday"s Drive She Said for my reaction to giving him any personal information (especially if you are thinking about what she was going to do to the comment board, and the Tribune has).

    There are also (a) whether the chip would record such trivia as masturbation, (2) Microsoft apparently doesn't back up its cloud, but now wants us to trust it as the default storage place for Office documents, and (iii) the cavemen's paintings and Egyptian relics are still around.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ You said it in your post well. "Trust...?" Can there be any in such a digitalized world as our ??? Thoreau saw this coming!!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    I'm not surprised. Thoreau was very thoro.

  • Were the other Aquinas as witty, he might have had a bigger readership!

  • "...soon we can be implanted with a chip that will record everything we do...."

    Which will give new meaning to the phrase "a chip off the old block".

  • Aquinas ~ You're chipping away with irrefutable logic.

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