Turn The Other Cheek...? Hell No!

Richard Nixon was infamous for his enemies list. Frankly we all have one. Sometimes closeted in our hearts; other times, splashed across our headlines. I can’t tell you the ones in your heart, but I probably share many of the ones in our headlines.

Boston Fans Boycott Yankee Games…Cub-Sox Rivalry Spills Into Street…Border Patrols Gun Down Mexican Drug Lord…Cops Tangle With Protestors…Pentagon Warns China About Naval Exercises. Lets admit it, the Bible itself is crowded with enemies the chosen people are always being asked to smite. We are advised that love is the most powerful human emotion, and yet what crowd can’t be ignited by pointing to an enemy. What enemy…? Whataya got…!

An enemy is anyone perceived as a threat. Which can range anywhere from a loud neighbor or loony mother-in-law all the way to Hitler or Islam. But here’s the quirky thing about enemies. If they don’t actually exist, we’ll find reasons to create one.

Ask any football coach. Nothing churns the blood like a good dose of high-fiving hatred. Psychiatry has even shown how the hate card gets played in some unusual ways. The resentment among the guys on campus trying to win a date with the reluctant beauty queen….the sense of combat with the audience as the backstage cast starts with the traditional “lets get out there and kill ’em tonight’….not to mention the ancient Oedipal complex in which son hates father in repressed love for mother.

Hallmark and homilies rarely dedicate anything to the emotion of hate in us. Oh, but its there. And it’s exploited whenever some segment of the population needs the support of our hatred. Say like the military munitions complex which keeps its profits high by keeping the rest of us hating someone enough to want more munitions. Kaiser, Hitler, Tojo, Korea, Vietnam, and Hussein are over with; but don’t relax, we’ve found another one for you.

If you really need any enemy, my vote is for the farmers who have fooled around with our tomatoes. Current breeding has made them an appetizing bright red at the expense of their original sweet taste. I hate that. These are the guys really worth hating…!

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  • Although there are conflicting reports regarding a suicide bomber, how does a suicide bomber blowing up the Syrian minister of defense fit into this calculus? I'm sort of torn between a pox on all their houses vs. the reports on the failed attempt on Hitler.

  • The pox would get my hearty endorsement!

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