The Final Secret Why The World's Been In A 5000 Year Mess -- Men!

This is not to betray my gender nor to agree with the radical feminists that all men are chauvinist pigs.


Look, fellas, one of us has to admit it publicly. We’ve screwed up. From the very first tribal chieftains to jungle shamans to Machiavellian princes to Hugh Hefner and Dubya Bush strutting their libidos, the male of the species has been causing more wars, more rape-and-pillaging, and more smack-in-the-mouth everyday violence than any three Vulcan Planets could have ever dreamed up.

We’ve been in charge ever since Adam, and just look at the bloody history our egotistical, fist-in-the–face bravado has created. Lately women — in government, colleges, medical schools and at the Olympics — have been inching up and passing us by. Maybe it’s time they did. Maybe the world could benefit from Innate feminine qualities like caring and compassion. They sure as hell can’t do any worse than we have!

So — with all due deference to my college fraternity brothers, my son and grandsons, and even my no-nonsense brother…let it be said it’s time to shelve the the strutting…butt patting…wife jokes…secret handshakes and decoder rings. Time to grow up to the fact that just maybe we weren’t actually ordained by God or Nature or even Pope to be “master-of-all-we-survey.”

By the way, who ever wrote that line????

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  • I don't think I am waiting for the compassionate Rosie O'Donnell or Michelle Bachman. Definitely not the female former company president who moved into the next door office claiming that she cared for the workers, but after creating a cult of personality, proved that she didn't, and eventually left for a competitor that was swallowed by one of her former employers, so she had to go somewhere else.

    Also, I forget the context, but the bottom line was "what do you expect a bear to do?"

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ God knows those two wouldn't be MY choice either! But they aren't the breed of womanhood I'm thinking of.Think of ll the thousands of women who "coulda been a contender" as writers, doctors, lawyers, prime ministers, etc etc If only we hadn't decided they were really just "girls."

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    In that they say that close to or a majority of students in law and medical school are female, that now doesn't seem to be the issue. Not to mention Golda Meier and Margaret Thatcher.

  • I'm grateful for the comments of the "Other Jack" here as his words certainly touch a most thoughtful and well considered chord ... Though in truth we concur with you Mr. Spatafora ... and without the likes of my spouse and daughter my world would be considerably narrower ... and certainly a less healthy domain for this fellow ... in intellect, spirit and body.

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Geezer, a "narrower" world without the women in our lives...? How indisputably true. However I just heard from several men [from Texas] who thought me "hate mongering."

  • "Hate mongering" .... Chuckle .... Many of us have relatives of a type who take umbrage that the sun rises in the east .... They would cut their nose to spite their face ... This has ever been the case and why we concur with your observations on the matter ... sigh!

  • Thanks, and thank god, Geezer!!

  • Your really stepping out and taking a stand aren't you.

  • Oh, Gawd! Another 'male apologist' who's found a new way to tell the story of 'Sugar and Spice'.

    Too bad the rest of us don't live in the same binary world you do. For all their faults, men are largely responsible for the technology and the quality of life we enjoy. I could make a long list of the men who made this very thing - Internet blogging - possible, but space doesn't permit it.

    Three of the twelve Colorado shooting victims were men killed as they shielded women from gunfire. I don't recall any women shot for the same reason.

    But, if you want to be a male-bashing apologist, go ahead.

  • In reply to RegularGuy:

    Regular Guy ~ The fact men have "invented" so many things throughout history is largely because women weren't allowed to be inventors. In fact they weren't allowed to be much of anything outside the home. I am not "bashing" my gender...simply stating the obvious. Isn't it time we made room for the 51% of us who've been suppressed? Can't hurt anything but maybe the male ego...

  • Of course on the plus side men haves discovered or invented electricity, plumbing, antibiotics, airplanes, cars, television, computers, etc, etc, etc.

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