"Sweet Bird Of Youth" Coming To The Goodman; My Bird Fled Years Ago

We all know about the varying frequencies in the sound spectrum. There are frequencies only animals like dogs can hear. But most complex are the sounds emanating only from certain segments of the population. To fully hear these calls for really listening, not simply hearing.

I have in mind those one-of-a-kind sounds of children at play. You and I once made them, but have probably lost the frequency long ago. It’s a high-pitched, raucous frequency of happy emotions from games and races, laughter and silliness. Remember…?

But that was then, this is now. We’re no longer children, right? Such sweet silliness across lawns and on schoolyards has no place in our so very serious adult days. Still, I find myself pausing every time. I can’t help resonating with those sounds echoing from that once-in-a-lifetime time.

Very likely this is because of the splendid simplicity of that time. When reality was what you could see and touch; truth was what your wise elders said; when doubts were scarce, for there were so few doubting voices. Unlike now’s so very adult world, bristling with so many different burning bushes commanding our attentions. And our beliefs,

As an adult I have come to know that every ideology, every faith, every medication, every war and discovery comes with a dozen contradictory certifications. You shake your head and blink your eyes. Too much. You can’t help recalling the comfort of certitude that came with youth. And while more information has made me more informed, I cannot say it has made me more secure.


Listening to those giggling youngsters out there…. I’m trying to remain the adult who I am, while at the same time trying to reclaim some of the joy that I was. How perfectly grand it would be to be both.

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  • "How perfectly grand it would be to be both." ... Aye Jack ... I also would appreciate that ... very much so.

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Pray, tell me how and I will follow...

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Listen to the laughter at the end this Jack ... it is a reminder of that way to enjy life that many of us wish to find once more ... http://youtu.be/w-YaWE0zu-c

  • Mine has too. Unless it's the buzzard.

  • Buzzards, eh? The older and slower I get the more seem to hover over me. Am I being paranoid or just vulnerable??

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