So Where Do YOU Hide From Your World...?

Every news report has the essentials: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Now ask yourself where are your favorite Where’s in this world….?

Answers range from sweeping mountaintops and seashores to secret cubby holes and under your bed covers. All depends on what you’re looking for in that special Where. I’ll tell you mine in a minute. For now, here are some factors to consider:

* If you’re looking for that proverbial quiet place for creative thinking, think again. Quiet sealed-off rooms [MacDonald’s Headquarters had one they put me in when I was hired to create some CEO speeches] are often counterproductive. Researchers from the University of Illinois tested creative spaces and concluded the best are “quiet locations close to moderately stimulating environments.” I find that driving through the city noise inside my car!

* On the other end of the spectrum might be deep space. Armadillo Aerospace headed by video game designer John Carmack is promising to fly tourists into the vast black silence of space for as little as $102,000. Lift-off dates have not yet been announced!

* Then there’s that unique Where which might easily be located anywhere. If, that is, you understand the advice of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In his classic novella ‘The Little Prince’ he wrote these wondrously pregnant words: “One sees and hears clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes and ears.” As I read him, you either instantly understand him or you never will!

Home Sapiens is a social creature. And yet, we all need ‘our space’ at one time or another. Either to create or to cry, to soar or to hide. In my case there’s an extraordinary Weeping Willow in my backyard. Now if it weren’t for the mosquitoes, I’d be writing this from under there. Instead I write this enjoying my Willow from my air-conditioned window….

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  • There are 'brotherly' linkages/similarities in such places Jack ... We write this looking out our sunroom window looking at apple trees that will soon enough yield more than we really need ... and a massive Elm tree that is a 'comfort umbrella' on hot and stifling days ... it is quiet here save for the chirping of birds and the occasional squirrel chatter ... and ... Elgar is softly drifting out of a speaker somewhere in the background ....

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Elgar harmonizing with your birds in the heart of your Canada -- gee that sounds heavenly to me!

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