OK, You Can Call Off The Search For A Parallel Universe...I Just Found It

If you consider yourself an artist, you will appreciate this from Bee Gee’s Robin Gibb:”An artist is an artist because he is not happy with the world, so he creates his own….”

Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was an inside-out world in which he traveled and laughed. Edgar Allen Poe traveled into far darker worlds where rather than laugh he eventually became lost. Who of us can say in which of our own worlds it is best to be?

Still, we repeatedly choose are own. Which is probably why, when we look out from it, whatever we see is seen as if it were a parallel universe. Parallel but not quite correct. As we look out, we are constantly judging it by the norm. The norm, of course, being us.

Once you get the hang of this parallel thing, it’s easy. Everything and everyone out there is Them; everything and everyone in here is Us. Them are always slightly out of sync. Us, we are the sync! Accordingly, there will always be parallel ball teams, political parties, nationalities, races and religions to see as if through a glass darkly.

Exactly how each of us landed in our particular universe rather than that out-of-sync one is hard to explain. Anthropologists might argue it was mostly a matter of when-and-where we were born. Demographers could make a case for the particular generation into which we were born. Racists… well we know what racists will say.

The important thing to remember here is the record shows very few if any of us have ever jumped universes. Have ever been able or willing to leave the comfort of their “own” for the strange encounters that loom in that “other.” It’s like asking a Sox fan to buy a Cubs skybox….a Republican to attend an Obama rally….a subsidized corn grower to buy a Prius…a Viet veteran to go to a Jane Fonda movie….a Redneck to go to Temple….Grover Norquist to approve a tax…a Muslim to make a pilgrimage to Rome.

What, are you crazy! Which instantly begs the question: In which universe do the crazies live?

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  • "a subsidized corn grower to buy a Prius"

    But there was the time when Hondas and Toyotas at Inland Steel were salted, because someone believed that the workers were cutting their own throats, because Inland was the supplier to the Ford Heights Stamping Plant. I wonder how many cars other than Fords are parked at the Hegewisch (Chicago) Assembly Plant.

    And Grover was quoted in Business Week as saying that letting the Bush tax cuts expire was not enacting a new tax. That one, not the blue furry monster.

  • Grover, of course, already lives in a parallel universe....

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