Life Is Never Having To Say I'm Going To Die

From Frank Sinatra to Queen Latifah they sing the great American theme song: “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die.” Only today’s Americans [circa 25 to 65] have changed it to: “I’m Gonna Live So I Never Die.”

An exaggeration…? I don’t think so with 42.7 million fitness clubs, 2.3 billion annual drug orders, and a gazillion health gurus in books and on TV. But wellness is one thing; denial is something else!

No machine runs forever, and the body is no more than a remarkable machine. A machine which admittedly is living better and longer than ever before. [More than 15% of some state populations are living well past 65]. But this side of Star Trek, you and I are going to die like everyone else.

Which is why some societies go at this living thing from a different angle. Instead of placing so many of their bets on the body, they concentrate their chips more on the spirit. That intangible part of us they believe eventually leaves our bodies — fit or flabby — far behind.

The usual suspects: Himalayan monasteries…Tibetan seminaries…Hindu temples… Jewish Kabbalah centers….Christian retreat houses….Islamic mosques. Ever since that serpent tempted that fig-less couple in the Garden, we’ve learned there’s something about us that’s part and yet apart from the machinery. You can study it. sense it. pray it. even sing it. But you’re not likely to discover it sweating on some treadmill.

I know, because the only thing I ever discover there is another pulled muscle. Precisely why Mark Twain said: “I’ve never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.” What a great American….!

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  • I've always admired the "Twain" mind Jack .... and I had a "Cheeseburger" tonight so you know which way we are leaning on this topic ... Cuckle!

  • Chuckle.........

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