Exclusive First Interview With Dapper Higgs Boson

In an exclusive Skype interview, the now-famous Higgs Boson took time away from the glass-clinking physicists in Geneva to share his secret:

ADMIRER ~ Why are you smiling?

BOSON ~ Because everyone is so amazed when actually I’ve been around all along.

ADMIRER ~ Reminds me of my parents when I finally found the hidden eggs on Easter.

BOSON ~ They hid them WANTING you to find them. When you did, they were pleased.

ADMIRER ~ For a long time I thought it was the Easter Bunny.

BOSON ~ They let you think so til it was time to realize the eggs were MEANT to be found.

ADMIRER ~ Funny how some kids react after they find there’s no Easter Bunny.

BOSON ~ Deciding if there’s no Bunny hiding them, maybe there’s no Parent either.

ADMIRER ~ Sorta sad.

BOSON ~ No, sorta silly. Silly enough for them to calculate I hid myself.

ADMIRER ~ But these guys are our best-and-brightest.

BOSON ~ [SMALL COSMIC SIGH]] Oh dear. This hunt is going to take longer than I thought!

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  • It has been called the God Particle. Probably because only God really understands what it is.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • Or possibly [G]ood [O]rderly [D]irection?

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Geezer ~ I'm open to GOD however he/she/it spells it!

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