Ann Romney -- Rich Bitch Or New Role Model?

Mustn’t take silly political flaps too seriously. But seriously, is richy-bitchy Ann actually a re-constituted role-model? She may be from Fundamentalists to Latin-Catholics to Orthodox-Jews to guys whose beefy dads always advised: “Keep her home, barefoot and pregnant!”

Those mid-20th C days when stay-at-home moms all looked like Donna Reed in the Donna Reed Show have been systematically gagged by a flurry of articulate Feminism. So as a happy kid with just such a stay-at-home mom, I’m not the one to pass judgment. However, let me take you into that cobwebby tomb known as “the way we were.” Before that remarkable species of American womanhood is discarded and discredited forever by freedom-toasting Boomers and Millennials.

Picture moms in the Mad Men era of the 50s & 60. But on their own terms. Not ours.

Average education…average looks…average husbands…in average apartments…with above-average hopes in the American Dream…by partnering with their ambitious husbands out there in the world of work. Raised by the Greatest Generation who had just survived the Depression and the War, these brides were not unaware of other careers. Yet most felt something long un-felt today. That orchestrating home, husband, and kids could be a symphony very well worth conducting.

No, they didn’t wear heels & earrings for dinner. But neither did they wear their roles like yokes of yearning to escape at the first chance. Most believed with sturdy mothers and grandmothers as their role-model that their role may not yield wonderful paychecks; far more. it yielded wonderful people.

Imagine that…! No, I don’t think you can.

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