American Women Use 30,000 Words Per Day

Studies claim women use more words per day than men [30,000 vs 15,000]. They add women also use more signals and silences per day. Throughout history, the female of the species has had far fewer vocal opportunities, so they had to perfect these alternatives.

But the high art of signals-and-silences can become deadly dangerous when practiced by heads of state. One chilling example played out exactly 50 years ago.The Cuban Missile Crisis. With atomic weapons aimed and poised between the Soviet Union and the United States, Kennedy and Kruschev played a game of cards-down poker that shoved the world to the edge of annihilation. I know because we had prepared our own basement-bomb-shelter that harrowing October.

Lately we repeatedly hear reports like, “The US Embassy sent a signal to…”, “The White House signaled Congress…”, “The Taliban’s terrorist attack was their clearest signal yet that…”, “The European Union is now signaling its willingness to…”

Does anyone look the other person in the eye and just say what they mean? I remember feeling this frustration in high school whenever I’d ask Peggy or Nancy for a date, and they’d never answer with any of their 30,000 words! A smile, a giggle, a blush, a shuffle of their penny-loafers, but not one decipherable word.

I wanted to spit spiders. Instead I usually reported back to the boys something like: “She was so surprised I left her speechless.” But when great leaders of great powers are toting great guns, signals-and-silences come at a much higher risk than any of my adolescent heartbreaks.

Come on folks, at this level of play, coy is no longer cute. We’re supposed to be living in the greatest age of human communication in history. So lets communicate…

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  • There are two fine ladies in our living room right now who have moved into a realm that is somewhat more rarefied than staying at 30,000 words ... for they are both "English Majors" with the penchant to give free reign to vocabularies that would challenge the editors at Oxford ... this comes from half a century of avid reading and an intellectual revolution against the world around them that men have corrupted with neglect ... I sit back and watch in awe as my wife and her teaching compatriots crush complexity into erudite yet pithy phrases fraught with meaning of a deeper and more sublime understanding that this lowly male might ever have ....

  • In reply to Geezer:

    "Crush complexity...!" Oh that there were more such wondrous voices in charge of our national fates. We have one, in the White House, but then a nation of illiterates who may not appreciate what they've got come this November. The thought depresses me........

  • Keep the faith Jack ... I have hope yet that come November the literate and compassionate man will prevail ... if not then "Prayer" of all manner will be in order for many millions of the downtrodden who will receive no succour from "Millionaire Mitt" - He of the less than consummate capacity to care ... or deign to utter sophisticated sentences that speak to the real problems of America.

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Hope you're right. My grandson is putting both his money and mouth into the race, as an Obama field supervisor in the key state of Ohio..

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