2012 Campaign At Last Proves Democracy is D.O.A.

Sorry folks, it’s dead-on-arrival! Especially sorry for the folks like Jefferson, Lincoln, and Churchill who always reassured us democracy was the best system for representing the people. However, this year’s smarmy campaign has at last and alas stuck the silver stake into the heart of that grand illusion.

I say this with no satisfaction, but this year’s stats tell the tragic tale. If majority-rules is the great beating heart of democracy, how is it this year’s minorities own the election lock, stock and barrel?

* less than 0.1 % of the population [137 super-rich voters to be exact] have given 80% of the hundreds of millions to the Super Pacs financing their guys

* less than 3 % of the population [American Jews] are among the biggest donors to their guys

* less than 4% of the population [American Catholic Bishops and their organizations] claim to speak for the moral-majority on matter like contraception and abortion

* less than 5% of the population [Wall Street brokers and bankers] control more than 80% of the fiscal decision-making levers of power

To be perfectly honest, statistics like these are not the final word; only the first word. But still you get the idea. For the first time in our history both candidates have unlimited access to unlimited funds from very limited private sources. All in order to unleash unlimited waves of political ads & imagery on the nation’s nightly TV sets and 24/7 highway billboards.

In this year’s political casino of life, lets face it. Majority-rules hasn’t got a chance.

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  • The depressing truth you are exposing should be couched in a bland banality Jack with subsets of 'what if's' or 'perhaps given' ... you are so pragmatic and truthful here that it makes a media hound blush.

  • Money doesn't necessarily buy an election, despite what you imply.

    What shows that the majority doesn't have a chance are--

    --at least since 2000, the Electoral College makeup means that only a few marginal states count, and at least 2000 proved that California piling up the popular vote didn't matter. On the other hand, reportedly in 1960, thousands of dead Chicago voters provided the necessary margin.

    --the Madigan-Daley-Putin method I mentioned earlier meaning that few of any votes count, at least in Illinois.

    And if "American Catholic Bishops and their organizations ... claim to speak for the moral-majority on matter like contraception and abortion" even if most of their flock doesn't listen, what do they have to say about sexual assault of children?

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ I wish I could say you're wrong...but we both know you're not!

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