What's The Buzz...? Quick Before It's Just Static!

Making predictions is always hard. Especially about the future. But here’s one that’s relatively safe. Venerable old museums will be around much longer than most of today’s hot new nightlife…

Scan the city and its delights for proof. There’s always buzz about the new clubs, restaurants, theatres and night spots; and yet, a year later most are gone from the “recommended” lists. Why? It’s safe to argue: What’s new travels on a fast and slippery slope, what’s past holds steady in place.

While it’s true human nature itches for what’s novel and different, it usually scratches for what’s sure and proven. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we never tire of gathering around the tribal fires to hear [or now watch on everything from podcasts to IMax] the endless narratives of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome; Alexander, Caesar, Elizabeth; Robert E Lee, Jesse James, George Custer; the Roaring Twenties, the Greatest Generation, the Sixties.

The past is fixed…it’s safe…it’s retrievable…what’s more we can re-live it however we wish. When you think about it, our great museums ought to raise their prices while our new hot spots ought to lower theirs. After all, that first group is sorta like an old friend you can always go to. The second is more like a new lover you can never quite count on.

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  • Of course, the Field Museum has to pimp itself by bringing in various exhibitions with an admission charge that have very little to do with natural history (such as Genghis Khan).

    So the petrified insects and dinosaur bones are going to need perpetual care, but it is not clear who will provide it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ Pimping is the currency of the kingdom these days. Everyone does it, calling it promotion. Long sad sigh........

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